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Sarah Strohl

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Outdoorswoman, travel enthusiast, lover of words and honors graduate from the University of Texas at Austin. In my free time, you can find me perusing online menus or hitting the trails.

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Orengelato article

Sweet Stuff: House-Made Gelato from There Denver | 5280

Mile High ice cream-lovers are lucky; there is no shortage of local places to visit to satisfy their cravings. And since Telluride-born favorite, There, began churning house-made gelato in LoHi earlier this year, Denverites can enjoy yet another sweet option.

Stitching article

Stitching a Comeback | 5280

For Voormi, an innovative outdoor-apparel company, working in rural Colorado is a benefit—an essential piece of the company’s brand. (Voormi’s website recalls a time when “the faint semblance of a tracked line meant you had finally made it back, not that you had gotten there too late.”) That’s why CEO Dan English operates from Pagosa Springs, where his 12 employees design, market, and ship Voormi’s clothes. But English has to make most of Voormi’s apparel elsewhere. “To bring manufacturing back here,” he says, “it’s going to require looking at manufacturing differently.”

Cacao article

The Secret Life Of Cacao | 5280

“Twenty-six seconds,” says Alix Gadd, co-founder of Fort Collins–based Nuance Chocolate, as she rushes toward the roaster. She’s referring to the time left for the cacao beans roasting in the next room—beans that, in a few short days, will become beautifully wrapped bars and truffles sold in Nuance’s nearby shop.

Special2 article

An Albuquerque Staple Comes to Denver | 5280

For us 505-area-coders, Dion’s means home. It’s where we celebrated with our families after soccer games, and where we hung with friends after the final bell rang. And after we left the homeland? We still had our parents send us bottles of the famous ranch dressing (made in house), and demanded a detour after being picked up from the airport.

Red evelyn 0 article

Beer Review: Black Shirt Brewing Co.'s Red Evelyn IPA

The cold has ushered in a season of dark brews (stouts and browns and porters, oh my!) but don’t cheat yourself by overlooking the limited batch of imperial red rye IPA from the cellars of Black Shirt Brewing Company. Pop the cap off the 22-ounce bomber of Red Evelyn to reveal a beer that is as bold as it is complex, but remarkably smooth. The grapefruit notes complement the varied hops in the brew, while sweet caramel, toffee, and rye bring it back to earth. Note: I don’t usually steer towards IPAs, but this easy-drinker is perhaps my new go-to.

Finn's article

Finn's Manor Brings Southern Flair to RiNo | 5280

The now six-week old neighborhood hangout sports a candy-colored fence, an alluring smell of bao buns and barbecue, and an ever-changing menu of craft beer and creative cocktails. The outdoor space has adapted the littered wood and metal scraps into a series of tables and chairs for casual, communal seating, and is home to four anchor food trucks and a few more that rotate in.

Torchystaco article

Go Now: Torchy's Tacos

Although there is no shortage of Mexican food in the Mile High City, there was considerable hype surrounding the Denver opening of Austin-born Torchy's Tacos. When the taco shop finally touched down in the Golden Triangle last week, Denverites braved the snow to wait in line outside the door—myself included.

The kitchen community article

The Kitchen Community's Learning Gardens Take Root

These spaces are designed around sustainability, health, and community engagement. Students can't get enough of the gardens, and neither can we.

Cheftabletelegraph article

Telegraph Opens in Washington Park | 5280

Telegraph, the younger sibling of Brazen, opened its doors on Friday in the Washington Park neighborhood. Located in the former Grey Cactus space, the restaurant flaunts a chic yet cozy interior, friendly staff, and a fully stocked bar, where bartenders whip up specialty libations to accompany your meal.

Upslopebeer article

Upslope to Unveil Oktoberfest Lager in the Backcountry

The air outside is finally tinged with the crisp feel of fall, and there is possibly no better place to celebrate than in the Centennial State, where the alpine views and fall colors are almost as attractive as the sparkly taste of a freshly tapped craft brew on your lips....

Ste. ellie hot toddy  article

Sips: Three Cozy Hot Toddies from Denver Bars

`Tis the season for winter cocktails, and there are few libations more soul-warming than the hot toddy. This reviving drink, traditionally made with water, honey, tea, and liquor (usually whiskey), is served piping hot. And besides offering comfort when the weather outside is frightful, the toddy is even rumored to combat cold and flu symptoms (although that might just be the booze talking).

Wobbeershots article

A Shot of Hoppiness

A beer shot might sound a little counterintuitive when you have the option of ordering a full-size pour, but in this case, it isn’t the quantity that matters. These concoctions are all about the unique flavor profiles that emerge when the bartenders (many of whom have backgrounds in mixology), blend anywhere from two to 10 brews.

Revelry 1 article

5 Extraordinary Pancakes

These days, there’s a holiday for just about everything: January 7 is National Fruitcake Toss Day (not kidding) and September 3 is National Welsh Rabbit Day (who thinks of these?). Although we won’t be tossing fruitcake anytime soon, National Pancake Day on September 26 is one date that’s circled on...

Us farmers market by katie lazor article

Harvest Farmers' Market Coming to Union Station

More than a year after opening, Union Station is a destination in its own right. And this weekend, in addition to the usual locals, travelers, and tourists bustling through the grand space, the site will come alive with a pop-up fall farmers’ market....

Img 3335 article

Best Bites: Telegraph's Squid-Ink Vermicelli | 5280

Oh, Telegraph’s three-tiered seafood stack is tempting, and the king trumpet with shishito peppers looks delightful, but the impressive squid-ink vermicelli (pictured) owns the spotlight at this three-month-old Wash Park West spot.