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Sarah Strohl

Writer/Editor/Marketing Specialist

Outdoorswoman, travel enthusiast, lover of words and honors graduate from the University of Texas at Austin. In my free time, you can find me perusing online menus or hitting the trails.

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Oldpodridapress article
Longhorn Life

Fun Fun Fun Fest Artist Interview: Ola Podrida

Ola Podrida, a Texas-based indie-rock band known for their folksy acoustics and sparkly undertones, wowed audiences on tour over the summer and are guaranteed to make an impression at Fun Fun Fun Fest this year.

915884 keep austin venues weird longhorn life online article
Longhorn Life

Keep Austin Venues Weird

A local show is a great way to blow off steam when students finally get a break from the stresses of essays, tests and internship hunting. In the live music capitol of the world, there are plenty of options for entertainment. From indie to punk to dream-pop-psych-garage (yes, it’s a thing), each venue is unique in its flavor and audience. Here are just a few of Austin’s favorites.

Dsc 7430 28rgb 29 article
Longhorn Life

Texas Outdoorsmen Answer Nature's Call

Founded in 2009 by a group of friends, Texas Outdoorsmen is a campus organization with the purpose to connect Longhorns who share a passion for getting outdoors.

Holiday 20sweaters 20  2008 28rgb 29 article
Longhorn Life

How to Throw an Ugly Sweater Party

Ugly sweaters are known for copious amounts of red and green, reindeer, snowmen and Santas, and any sort of pom-pom, bow or felt applique. These babies aren’t just for kindergarten teachers or grandmothers anymore. In recent years, they have become a huge holiday trend for everyone young and old.

Trail running joe.capraro091 1 article
Longhorn Life

Just keep running (literally — you're in an ultramarathon)

The University of Texas is home to some of the best athletes in the country, but few students recognize the niche of athletes on our campus that participate in one of the most awe-inspiring, leg thrashing, feet blistering, lung torturing sports known to man-kind: the ultramarathon.

Strohl skydiving3 article
Longhorn Life

Let Your Inner Adrenaline Junkie Fly

If I was scared on the ground, it was nothing to how I felt when the door of the plane opened at 11,000 feet, and the 120 mph wind hit my cheek with icy force.

Healthy frozen desserts joe.capraro 002 article
Longhorn Life

Desserts Served Without the Guilt

All Austinites know that our city holds a fair amount of top notch, sweet-tooth-satisfying dessert spots (Gourdough’s anyone?). Sometimes though, you might find yourself conflicted, craving something sweet but not wanting to consume an entire day’s worth of calories in one sitting. Lucky for you, there are delicious, healthy alternatives! Here are a few to get you started.

Img 8363 20 28rgb 29 0 article
Longhorn Life

Chocoholics Unite: the Low-down on this Delectable Dessert

Wooing your sweetheart (or your sweet tooth) can be difficult sometimes, but usually chocolate is a fail-proof fallback. It is tasty indeed, but there is much more to this treat than meets the… mouth. Here are a few things to take note of before splurging on that heart-shaped box of decadence.

Final masks article
Longhorn Life

Costumes and masks: what's the deal with on-stage gimmicks?

We have all encountered that one musical act that sticks with us because they use some sort of quirk or gimmick. From KISS’ face paint to Miley Cyrus’, well, you know, there are plenty of strange fashion choices to keep audiences entertained.

Stirfry article
Longhorn Life

Styling Food to Make Mouths Water

Have you ever been struck by a furious craving when you see a food advertisement in a magazine, on a billboard or on TV? Sometimes the food looks even more scrumptious on paper than it does in reality. This is because there are people working behind the scenes arranging the food and adjusting the lighting to make the food look as mouthwatering as physically possible – these experts are called “food stylists.”

Longhorn Life

A Guide to Austin's Smaller Music Festivals

Every year, Austin attracts music lovers from around the world to some of its most famous festivals: Austin City Limits, South By Southwest and Fun Fun Fun Fest. However, there is an abundance of smaller but equally awesome festivals that are often overshadowed by these giants, and you deserve to know about them. Here are just a few of the events that our wonderful city has to offer.

Chia.apo 20membersedit article
Longhorn Life

Alpha Phi Omega promotes service and community at UT

If you have ever been to a UT football game, you know that it is expected to “come early, stay late, be loud, and wear orange.” Longhorn fans bring a spirit that is untouchable by other schools. Clapping, stomping, yelling and horn-raising fill the gaps between rousing choruses of “The eyes of Texas are upon you,” and eruptions of “TEXAS, FIGHT!” from either side of the stadium.